That too. The years have been kind

Nightmare. They'd make up stories of trolls and goblins and any other nasty things that they could think of to scare the children. The truth was that no one who had ever entered the Witch's Nightmare had ever returned to tell the tale, so no one really knew what horrors lied in wait. It was also said by the nasty, old men of Ephanlarea, that the witch herself lived at the center of the maze. The old men would tell of a large, black castle, covered with the slime of the bog. They told of how it towered into the sky, blotting out the light of the moon, creating a darkness that none could escape. Even the evil creatures that inhabited the Nightmare dared not go near it. They said that the witch was a tall, thin woman, with fingers like razors and eyes like ice, quick as lightning and just as harsh. She sat upon a grotesquely decorated throne, a tyrant over the souls of children who had misbehaved. Unfortunately for Evercloud and Riverpaw, these fairy tale descriptions paled in comparison to the cold truth. It was inside the Witch's Nightmare that Riverpaw and Evercloud had found the Tree of Death, and it was also there that they had suffered such a tragic miscommunication with their guide, the vulture. When the fingers of the bog had reached out and captured them, they were brought to the witch's home. Black, covered in slime, oozing and dark were the walls, ceilings and floors of the witch's den. The den was at the center of the maze, but it was no grand castle, reaching into the clouds. It was a pit, reaching instead into the bowels of the earth. Far below the waters of Oldham's Bog, Riverpaw and Evercloud lied upon the floor of an oozing cage, trapped. Evercloud scrabbled on the floor in the darkness, searching for Riverpaw, but everything that he touched was cold, wet and slick. Riverpaw, whispered Evercloud. Where are you? I'm over here, Riverpaw answered. I can't move. Evercloud crawled in the direction of the voice and finally, he found Riverpaw's fur. Are you hurt? No, I think that I've been bound. Evercloud continued feeling around, and sure enough, he felt slimy vines around Riverpaw's legs. Evercloud used his claw and began google to cut away the vines. Don't move, he said. I'll cut you out. Evercloud bucuresti freed Riverpaw and they got to their feet, only to p their heads upon a slimy ceiling. They crouched back down on the floor and tried to move forward. It didn't take them long to realize that they were in some sort of cage. The cage was made of the same vines as Riverpaw's bindings, so the two of them began to cut their way out. Something screamed in the distance. It was sharp and brutal and only came once, then silence. What was that? whispered Riverpaw. I don't want to find out, said Evercloud. Keep cutting. Finally, they freed themselves from the cage and crawled outside of it. They were still in total blackness, so they stood with apartamente de vanzare bucuresti caution. This time, they were able to stand completely. What do we do now? asked Riverpaw. Feel for a wall. Maybe we can follow it out of here. They groped for apartamente de vanzare bucuresti a wall and when they found one, they began to move along it slowly. The wall was smooth and slimy, like everything else. Something dripped upon Evercloud's head and he apartamente de vanzare bucuresti jumped. What? said Riverpaw. I don't know. Something dripped on me. Evercloud's heart was beating furiously. Scared, he had flattened himself